Akervall looks forward to continuing to serve the city of Wilsonville as City Councilor.

In a statement made on November 6, 2020, Kristin Akervall thanked voters, family, volunteers, and fellow candidates. She looks forward to continuing to serve the city of Wilsonville as City Councilor.

"First, thank you to the voters who chose to re-elect me, but more broadly thank you to all of you who cast your vote—however you marked your ballot. Thank you for engaging and being part of the democratic process. Your vote shows your interest in our community and I greatly appreciate that. I am honored to continue to serve you all as City Councilor.

Thank you to my family who has given a lot in the last few months, my daughter who has shared her mommy, and husband who has done so much to support my work. I am so grateful and very proud of you.

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make this campaign possible. Your contributions and support have been so meaningful, and I am incredibly grateful for what you all helped produce.

Thank you to all the candidates for City Council who shared their vision and offered to serve the city of Wilsonville. Our community is so fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers like you that give their time and energy to our city.

When I decided to run for re-election to City Council last spring, I did not know all that 2020 would throw our way—an ongoing pandemic, economic recession, reckoning of social injustice, distance learning, wildfires, and heightened political divide. While some of you may be in the midst of feeling all those pain points acutely, I want to reassure you that I believe all of our community is worth my very best efforts and that together we can address and overcome challenges for a bright future. Thank you all for your contributions and continued support as we move our community forward. With deep respect, thank you Wilsonville!"

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