The following text is from the article cited above:

"She is analytical. She is very skilled with looking at statistics and data and seeing the implications of that information and is able to help other people on council understand what she is understanding from that data," Knapp said.


"I'm a reflective person, not a reflexive person," she said. "I bring seriousness; I love this community. I understand complexities. I don't think any of it (the council's work) should be done lightly," she said.


Even though times are tough, the pandemic has made Akervall even more motivated to work in the interest of her community. "I have respect for my community and I think we need thoughtful, strategic decisions that are going to serve all of our community members. I want to give our city my best because I think our community members deserve it," she said.

The following text is from the article cited above:

"As we chart that path forward, I believe it is important that we continue to focus on building an environment that allows our strengths to shine. Wilsonville has great schools, family-friendly infrastructure, and is a welcoming and caring community," Akervall said in a press release. "The council has a difficult job, but I am ready to bring my experience and perspective to build on the offerings of the city and navigate towards a bright future."


"I'm a person that likes to do things well when I'm committed to them," she said. "People expect us to do the readings, the work and show up. I needed to consider that carefully."

As a councilor, Akervall enjoyed working on the city's plan to reshape Town Center and prides herself on preparedness and having a level head while also listening to and empathizing with community members. "I think I'm pretty level and I usually have pretty measured responses to things," she said. "I'm a person that feels things deeply but I don't tend to get angry quickly or react quickly. And I think that's a strength. That's a good thing for a leader."

Corey Buchanan at the Wilsonville Spokesman is requesting responses from all candidates to a series of questions published each week: August 28, 2020; September 6, 2020

Responses from Kristin Akervall can be downloaded below.

The Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce recently sent a questionnaire with questions for candidates to fill out. I submitted my responses (they are posted below), however, I am also including some questions not asked by the Chamber that I thought our city’s business community would want to know.

The Wilsonville Alliance for Inclusive Communities sent a questionnaire for all candidates to fill out. I submitted my responses (they are provided at the link below.)

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