Endorsements include:

Endorsed by the Wilsonville Spokesman for Wilsonville City Council, Kristin Akervall "brings an empathetic mindset along with her background as a data analyst." Wilsonville Spokesman 10/20/20

  • State Representative Courtney Neron

  • Martha Schrader, Clackamas County Commissioner

  • Tim Knapp, Mayor of Wilsonville

  • Joann Linville, Wilsonville City Council

  • Susie Stevens, Former Wilsonville City Councilor

  • Andrew Karr, Wilsonville Budget Committee Chair

  • Samy Nada, WLWV Schools Long Range Planning Member

  • Alan Steiger, Library Foundation Board Member

  • Katie Hamm, Development Review Board

  • Jerry Greenfield, MFA, Ed.D, Planning Commission & Kate Greenfield, PhD

  • Shawn and Yumi O'Neil, Community Advocates

  • Chelsea King, Small Business Owner

  • Jules Walters, West Linn City Council

  • Robert Hepburn PhD, Wilsonville Citizen’s Academy Participant

  • Pratima Rao PhD

  • Wayne Richards

  • Wendy and Dan Porter

  • Tracey Hester

  • Shoshana Hawk

  • Rachel & Trevor Franklin

  • UFCW Local 555

From the Wilsonville Spokesman published online on 9/17/2020:

Please join me in re-electing Kristin Akervall to the Wilsonville City Council!

This November, let's re-elect Kristin Akervall to the Wilsonville City Council and ensure a place for a bright, experienced, and thoughtful leader that our city needs now and into the future. As a member of the Wilsonville Budget Committee, I worked with Council President Akervall since 2016 and can state without reservation that Councilor Akervall is the polar opposite of the hyper-partisanship that currently plagues our country. Councilor Akervall's campaign slogan – "Open Door, Open Mind, Open Heart" – says it all about her governing style: she allocates time and listens to the views of anyone; she is deliberative in her analysis of issues; and she is respectful in her interactions with citizens, city staff, and other Council members. As Wilsonville continues to deal with the uncertainties dictated by the pandemic and economic downturn, it is absolutely critical that we return to the City Council those leaders, such as Kristin Akervall, who consistently demonstrate the critical analytical skills, maturity, empathy, sense of fairness, and understanding needed to ensure the success of all Wilsonville residents.

Paul Bunn,


Letters to the Editor

From the Wilsonville Spokesman published online on 9/30/2020:

Akervall leads with humility

Our family strongly endorses Wilsonville City Council President Kristin Arkervall as she seeks her second term on Wilsonville City Council. Since being elected in November 2016, Kristin has led with grace and a strong sense of humility, something so hard to find these days in local politics. Kristin is intelligent, thoughtful, well organized and approachable. She takes the time to listen and learn from constituents. Kristin has been an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) since day one. She was one of the council members who voted in 2017 for Resolution No. 2626, A Resolution Declaring The City of Wilsonville a Welcoming and Inclusive City which was one of the first steps in bringing DEI to the forefront of our community. She was the only City Council member who attended the Multi-City Equity Summit in 2019, and also attended the " Leading for Equity Conversation" by the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

In addition to serving as council president, she is the council liaison to the Willamette Intake Facilities Commission and the Library Strategic Planning Committee. While on Council she has served as the chair of the Town Center Plan Task Force and Transit Master Plan Task Force.

Shawn and Yumi O'Neil


From the Wilsonville Spokesman published online on 9/30/2020:

Akervall has the experience we need

I have known Kristin Akervall and her family since 2009 when we both moved onto the same street in Wilsonville. Having known Kristin for eleven years, I can speak from personal experience that she is the right person to continue to lead Wilsonville's City Council to find solutions to our challenges now and moving forward.

Kristin has the experience we need. Kristin was elected to the Council in 2016 and now serves as its president. Prior to that, she served on the City's Development Review Board and the West Linn-Wilsonville School District's Budget Committee. In each of her positions, Kristin has kept the interests of her community at heart. She is a kind, thoughtful, and motivated person with an analytical mind who brings her expertise and willingness to collaborate to the council.

Please join me in voting for Kristin Akervall, a proven leader, for Wilsonville's City Council.

Nancy Andersen


From the Wilsonville Spokesman published online on 9/30/2020:


We trust Akervall

We have lived in Wilsonville since 2006 and we have known Kristin Akervall for the past five years. We strongly support Kristin for re-election to Wilsonville City Council.

Kristin is a collaborative, communicative and curious leader who is committed to helping Wilsonville become an even better place to live and work. We trust Kristin. She works for Wilsonville, not for outside special interests.

She is a can-do and go-to councilor who is very approachable and who proactively follows-up and follows-through on our needs. Kristin takes time to ask for feedback and incorporates that feedback. She engages others to thoughtfully understand issues and makes decisions that balances current and future Wilsonville needs.

Kristin's energy and enthusiasm is contagious and we have full faith that Kristin is the right leader to continue to support our wonderful city!

Rachel and Trevor Franklin


From the Wilsonville Spokesman published online on 10/09/2020:

Akervall appreciates community, families

My family has been anchored in our wonderful City of Wilsonville for sixteen years through friendships, employment, and community engagement. Because she shares our deep appreciation for our community and families, I am supporting Kristin Akervall for her re-election to the City Council.

There is a perfect action verb to describe Kristin Akervall. It is "to resonate" which means "to evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief." Indeed, Kristin is someone who says, "I know where you are coming from, and I want to support you." Coupled with Kristin's ability to resonate are her skills to be reflective and analytical. She extends this whether engaged with adults, such as parents and educators, or with children in school activities, and at community events. In our collaboration on school projects, I saw first-hand that Kristin enables solutions. She is also a trusted friend on whom I can rely to provide a framework for my own thinking.

With these attributes, it is no surprise that Kristin was selected and successfully serves as City Council President. With Kristin, we have an opportunity for continued leadership that shares our Wilsonville community values. Please join me to support Kristin Akervall.


Pratima Rao


From the Wilsonville Spokesman published online on 10/26/2020:

Re-elect Akervall

I have had the pleasure of serving with Councilor Kristin Akervall on two Wilsonville city task forces: one that revised the SMART Transit Master plan (which Akervall joined toward the end of the process, after she was sworn into office), and another to redesign Town Center. Both task forces succeeded in having their plans adopted by the City Council, and Akervall was instrumental in those processes.

I can say from experience that Councilor Akervall takes her job very seriously, listens carefully, and treats everyone with respect. She attended every task force meeting and showed up prepared and on time and stayed for the entire meeting, and often stayed later to chat with individual members and constituents. She is genuinely interested in making our community a better, more attractive, and more equitable place to live. We are fortunate to have enjoyed her service for the last four years, and I hope my fellow residents will join me in electing Kristin Akervall for a well-deserved second term on the Wilsonville City Council.

Paul Diller


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