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Open Door, Open Mind, Open Heart

Kristin Akervall was elected in November 2016 to the Wilsonville City Council. She has appreciated the opportunity to serve her community in this role and is proud of the many strengths the city of Wilsonville  has to offer its community members.

Akervall currently serves as Council President and as council liaison to the Willamette Intake Facilities Commission and the Library Strategic Planning Committee. She has served as the Chair of the Town Center Plan Task Force and Transit Master Plan Task Force while on Council.

Prior to serving on City Council, Akervall served as the Chair of the Budget Committee for the West Linn Wilsonville School Board, and on the City of Wilsonville Development Review Board.


Akervall graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. from Willamette University and has worked for private companies, non-profits, and in the field of higher education, covering positions in research and data analysis. She currently is working on a Masters of Science Degree in Business Analytics from Syracuse University. She has lived in the Villebois neighborhood since 2009 with her husband and daughter.

Priorities and Values

I will continue to carefully consider issues, listen to community members, and engage respectfully. We need strategic decisions that support the long-term health for all our community members, and actions that continue to put Wilsonville on the path of a highly livable and thriving city.

  • I believe my experience and commitment to good governance bring efficiency and effective leadership.

  • I believe Wilsonville is rich in the beautiful environment we enjoy and understand a responsibility to steward our natural resources for future enjoyment, health, and prosperity.

  • I value our walkable neighborhoods that help foster community and believe a variety in quality housing opportunities supports safe homes for all people. I believe this framework is important for the success of a healthy community.

  • I believe we must continue to address traffic issues affecting our city and look to improve connectivity in all manners.

  • I will work to continue a strong relationship between the city and our schools. I value the partnerships we have built.

  • I appreciate our strong and vibrant community supported by small and large businesses, service organizations, and recreational opportunities. I understand the important role these facets all play in building vital opportunities and services for our community.

  • I welcome participation and collaboration from all members of our city. I believe diversity is a strength and from participating in the initial cohort of the Wilsonville Leadership's Academy in 2015, to attending the many open houses and task force meetings while on council, I have seen the benefit of community involvement. Let's work together for the city we all love.



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